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  1. zcyclist's Avatar
    i was wondering if anyone here can answer a question for me.
    i'm considering buying a new 15" macbook pro with the 128gb SSD. i also want to get one of these MCE kits: swap out the super drive for a 500gb HDD. my only concern is HEAT. while the mce kit allows you to place a HDD where the super drive currently is, i'm not sure that spot in the macbook is designed to handle the heat an HDD can generate. the MCE says that their HDD's have the same temp rating as the superdrive it replaces, but i kinda find that hard to believe, plus i know the HDD will run way more often than a super drive.
    does any one here have any experience with this? i like the idea of adding an HDD for storage, but i don't want to burn the house down
    2011-03-24 03:20 PM
  2. Vm0n3y's Avatar
    I have an Optibay installed and have no issues with heat. The machine runs hot at times but that is expected and has been the same even after installation. Also if you are using it for storage and running your OS off the SSD (recommended) you probably won't be using the regular drive as much as you think. The one downside to installing this is that you have a higher rate of drive failure with your drive in the Optibay enclosure. The current MBP have a sudden motion sensor to compensate for, well... sudden motion... The SSD doesn't really need to use this because it does not have any moving parts. You could put your SSD in the Optibay enclosure but the speeds would be a little slower through that connection.

    Hope this helps.
    2012-03-13 08:44 PM