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    Alright so im in the market for a new laptop. I currently have this asus Lamborghini vx2s laptop that I bought for 250$, it had decent specs and was originally marketed in Europe to Lamborghini enthusiasts for like 3600€ not American dollars, 3600€ idk who in their right mind would pay this but obviously someone did or they wouldn't have continued making these over priced machines. Anyway it doesn't run windows 7 very well and I'd like a laptop that would, or one that is comparable in the Mac world (MBP).

    I have decided to either get a smaller MacBook Pro or an alienware M15x. I have experience with macs, have used one for most of my life, never owned an alienware though. Just want to get some people's thoughts.

    Stuff about me that might weigh into the decision

    In school full time, enrolled online
    I run a small online business
    My daytime job requires me to bring my comp into work
    I do a lot of browsing and a small amount of gaming, but nothing to serious

    Thanks in advance! And if this I'd in the wrong section, I apologize, I'm new to this forum.
    2011-12-16 01:33 AM
  2. youngunner-2's Avatar
    Any input?
    2011-12-17 09:32 PM
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    I'd wait till march and get a new mbp...I spent 1800 on my mbp and it's now 2.5 years old, still going strong

    Although I do also use windows on it...so best of both worlds

    Like A Boss
    2011-12-19 12:41 PM
  4. youngunner-2's Avatar
    My pockets arent that deep bro. I'm lookin to spend around 7-900. So probably a nicer laptop that's a year or two old. I would also end up running windows on the MBP but I would probably end up ONLY using windows over OSX so that's why I was considering just getting the alienware.
    2011-12-19 11:43 PM