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    I wanted to ask you guys some questions before I go to the apple store and have my MacBook pro (bought October 09, 2011) problems checked by the genius bar. Here are the recurrent problems I’ve been experiencing for a while, and got me thinking that I may have purchased a defective product. But first, you must know that they all happen in both os lion AND windows 7 (boot camp). Both operating systems have been reformatted, which changed nothing to those problems. So here it is:

    - Sometimes, I close the laptop’s screen lid, and when I reopen it, the screen is totally black, but the keys' light is still on, and I can hear the sound if I press the F12 or F11 buttons. In other words, the OS is working but I can’t see anything (in case someone asks, it has nothing to do with the brightness (F1 and F2 keys)). The only thing I can do then is hold the power button and reboot.

    - Sometimes my MacBook reboots for absolutely no reason. To this date this hasn’t occurred when I was on the laptop, but sometimes when I’m around but not using it, I will hear the start up sound, and then go see what happened: the MacBook just restarts and there is no explanation on either operating system once it’s restarted, everything is “normal”.

    - Sometimes when I plug earphones into the MacBook, and then unplug them afterwards, there will be no sound (as if the laptop thinks there are still earphones plugged in). This is a minor problem and the least of all but I was just wondering it it’s common or not.

    So, what do you guys think? Are those problems usual and fixable, and so it’s a coincidence that I’ve been having them all? Or are they the same problem caused by a defective product? If it is repairable, do I have to prove it to the genius bar? Because really it only happens sometimes and I cannot cause it to happen, but it gets me really mad when it does. Oh and, if they do give me a new MacBook, do I have to backup all my files before I go to the apple store, or do they help you with that too? (I don't have an external hard drive where i could transfer everything that is on my laptop)

    Sorry for my English I hope you can understand everything, if not I can rephrase.

    2012-05-04 10:52 AM
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    Sounds like you may have a dud. Happens. Take it into Apple. Backup your data though! You may have a defective main board. They can test that. It doesn't sound like it's a software issue.
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!
    2012-05-05 08:35 AM
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    4. sometimes i close the laptop lid, and the apple light is still on, if i open the lid the computer is not in sleep mode, as if i never closed it
    2012-05-09 06:36 PM