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  1. xhendrixz's Avatar
    I just recently installed a SSD into my 13" Early 2011 MBP. I have upgraded to the 15" Late 2011 MBP and I wanted to know if I could take out my SSD from my 13" into my 15". Is it that simple to just do that? Would it work?

    I read a few articles stating if it has been the new MBP 2012, the drivers and graphics wouldn't be compatible. Theoretically, I think it would work but I don't want to try and mess anything up.

    Also, would my old HDD from my 13" (320GB Transcend) work in my 15" MBP if I was to just plug it in?

    Thanks for any info in advance.
    2012-10-08 05:29 AM
  2. Scoops98's Avatar
    You should be able to install your SSD from the 13" in the 15" without any problems. If not, just reinstall Mac OS X once the SSD in installed.

    I assume your 320GB is in an external enclosure? I have a USB/FireWire utility drive that I boot multiple Macs from (Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Mini) without hassle.
    Until the next time… And if I help you out, give me a "Thanks!" Thanks!
    2012-10-09 07:54 PM