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    I have an Early 2011 MBP 2.2GHz - 750GB HD. After several trips to the service center, the Apple Store decided to replace my laptop with a new unit. As the 2.2Ghz is no longer available, they are giving me a 2.3GHz processor.

    Looking up the specs for the two units, I noticed that the graphics on the 2.3GHz is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB GDDR5 memory compared to the 1GB GDDR5 memory on the Radeon HD 6750Mthat came with my 2011 2.2GHz..

    Im wondering how much of a downgrade of the graphics is this, will I notice a difference? I do perform some photo and video editing with Adobe. Also I do connect my MBP to plasma tv via HDMI often for presentations.

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    2013-08-16 09:05 PM
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    Read the requirements for Adobe installation. I am pretty sure you can run Adobe with just 512 MB , otherwise Apple wouldn't be putting a GeForce GT 650M.
    The only difference you will notice is if you open up too many applications, it may not run smoothly.
    I used NVidia GeForce GTX580 with 1.5GB and is plenty for me on my Hackintoch.
    2013-08-17 02:45 AM
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    I called the Apple Store and voiced my concerns regarding the VRAM downgrade. They have noe upgraded my replacement MBP to the 2.6 GHZ CPU which has the 1gb VRAM.
    2013-08-17 10:55 PM
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    Good for you. Apple excellent service.
    2013-08-18 03:56 AM
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    Here is the full story. Early this month my MPB wouldn't turn on, just a couple beeps. I took it to the Apple Store where I was told that the logic board was dead. The sent it to a depo and the turnaround was to be 3-5 days. It took closer to 10 days as the part was back ordered; they also replaced both fans and the wifi card.

    When I got the unit back home, I inserted a blank DVD; first I got a message saying unsupported media, on the second insertion the DVD drive died. Back to the apple store for two days.

    After getting it back home again, I was getting g a lot of pin wheels and sluggish responses. As it was about time, I decided to erase the hd and reinstall the osx fresh. After doing so I was having an issue and called Apple Care phone support. They were connected via screen sharing and at one point asked me to install a system update that was available. During the update, the unit died again and I was unable to turn on the MBP.

    Back in the apple store, they plugged in my power supply and realized it was defective. They told me that all my problems were most likely because of this. They manager I spoke to asked if they tested the power supply the first time I was in, I told him that I did bring it with the laptop but it was never looked at.

    Anyways, not knowing what components might have been damages this time, they decided to order me a new MBP for all my troubles.

    Typed on my iPhone, forgive the typos.
    2013-08-19 05:38 PM