1. lillewis51's Avatar
    i have to say after playing games like halo and battlefield on windows the switch to gaming on a mac isnt so great. the gaming experience isnt as good as i hoped it to be. i have to say imho windows is much better for gaming than a mac. sorry guys :/
    2008-09-03 09:26 PM
  2. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Well, what type of video card do you have in your mac? Running an 8800 GS in my hack runs fine.
    2008-09-03 10:28 PM
  3. Kitsune's Avatar
    It's actually pretty true. WoW is the best example because it's cross-OS. Install it on a Macbook, one install on Windows, the other on OSX. Windows gets, I think, like 15+ FPS gain.
    2008-09-04 03:29 AM
  4. pballa2099's Avatar
    It depends on which mac you have.. MacPro's can run games just fine.. MacBook Pro's can run soem games as well. It's really not that bad. Macbooks on the otherhand don't have very good integrated video card's so don't expect to run much on those..
    2008-09-05 02:24 AM
  5. Raptor's Avatar
    the fact of the matter is that the Apple computers were never made to play games, they are first and foremost a workstation.

    when comparing a high end mac to a high end pc dollar for dollar, the graphics card in a mac is nver going to be as good as the Pc's, as such, they will not play games as well as the pc will.

    of course, a pc often has a hard time beating a mac's photoshop time now doesnt it
    2008-09-06 10:27 AM
  6. 461am's Avatar
    they are first and foremost a workstation.
    All those mac vs pc ads were LIES! I feel so decieved.
    2008-09-06 10:32 AM
  7. haibane's Avatar
    Its a been proven for quite a while that macs are not the best at games. Most of the games are windows only so unless you boot into windows and use those games osx doesn't really deal well with games from what I have seen. However WoW runs great on the macbook pro so I don't know where the complaint is there.
    2008-09-14 04:37 AM
  8. kickskid21's Avatar
    yea windows is WAY better for gaming, oh well
    2009-01-02 09:09 AM