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    ok so this is my problem when i got snow leopard i wanted to keep Leopard and Snow Leopard on the Same Mac Mini. Well i deleted my Leopard Partition and now have my snow leopard partition and i cant add the free space to my snow leopard partition. Is there any other way of doing this with out erasing my HD and installing from Time Machine and if i do that how will i do that?

    what i was planning on doing was backing up right now to my time machine then erasing my HD and then starting up from my Snow Leopard Disc and installing it on the new HD and Restoring the New HD from teh Time Machine Back up with this work? Anyone tried it?
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    I normally use superduper to make an image of the drive then just restore it. But Time Machine works fine when restoring from a backup.
    2009-09-17 05:34 AM