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    About a month ago I got a new 2007 MacBook and cloned my iMac onto it. Now, however, the iTunes Libraries on each are no longer the same (downloading songs on one but not the other ect.) So I decided to use home sharing to re sync them. I turned on home sharing on both, and logged in on the same iTunes account on both. Now my iMac sees my dads Library and my moms (my dad has a MBP and my mom a MB) but my MacBook sees nothing. My moms MacBook and my dad's MBP see both my MacBook and my iMac. However no matter how many times I reboot or turn home sharing on and off the iMac and my MacBook won't see each other! I have tried all of the 5 networks in my house (all on the same subnet) and it doesn't make a difference. I am starting to get VERY frustrated and any help would be appreciated
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    2010-04-02 07:07 PM