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    Hi there, ive been trying for hours to get Snow Leopard to work on my PC, i got the correct version (for AMD) and the best I got was to get the grey apple screen with spinning wheel, now ive gone back and I'm getting an error, I've uploaded a picture of my screen (i hope its readable) and also 2 summary reports from Everest about my computer and motherboard, i think the problem is that during installation I am installing the wrong customisations, can anbody lead me in the right way? thanks for any help

    EDIT: here is the picture and summaries

    Error Message:
    Report: Summary -
    Report: Motherboard -
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    From your error message it's that is causing you grief. Some people seem to have sucess just by removing/renaming that file:

    InsanelyMac Forum > 10.6.2 now KPs on boot

    Good luck.
    2010-10-24 06:33 AM