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    Hello everyone,

    I have got WD Elements 2TB Externel HDD, I recently bought MacBook Pro 17'' with Core i7. Now I can read from this externel but I can't write data on it on mac. So i searched and it's like reformat to FAT32 but it will restrict the file transfers to 4GB or less. I just want to know if there is any software for mac that I can use to read and write without changing my drive's Format? I use this drive with pc and mac every second day, and I have got another 500GB WD PASSPORT aswell. If there are softwares who let you read and write any format drive on mac then please educate me.

    Thanks alot!

    P.S it's my First Mac so I don't know nothing about it as of now. Just learning,
    I could use any help guy's please. Thank you
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    2010-12-18 11:04 PM