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  1. Goof's Avatar
    Anyone used it? I would like to see some things you guys have made?

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    Arthur "Goof"
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    2011-02-24 07:55 PM
  2. dacheezypuffs's Avatar
    I am currently working on an iWebKit app and I don't know how to put it online for free.
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    2011-03-01 01:33 AM
  3. Goof's Avatar
    You put the things you create with iWebKit onto the internet as HTML websites. You would need a web host.
    2011-03-02 04:17 AM
  4. dnyank1's Avatar
    I hate objective C, so I have an app template (its a UUI web view, thats it) that connects to a website hosted by freehostingcloud, they are really good. You need to do some HTML, but the walkthrough is really easy to follow.
    2011-04-04 10:50 PM