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    Hey there guys. So my situation is I'm currently trying to install Win7 on my friend's MBP for him because he needs it for school. My dilemma is I make a bootable CD/USB drive using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to install via bootcamp/REFIT and every single time I encounter Windows saying that the usb drive is not a boot drive enough though I used that tool and when I try to use the CD method with boot camp I get a Error Code 5 with it's one life of simple text and thats it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys.
    2011-08-30 09:19 AM
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    First make sure that you have first made the USB flash drive bootable, and copied the Windows DVD/ISO to the flash drive as instructed. I also copied the Boot Camp drivers folder on to the flash drive as well for convenience.

    You need to download and install rEFIt(It looks like you already have) on your OS X drive. This allows more EFI options during the boot process, e.g. booting another operating system besides OS X off of USB drive.

    Plug in the USB flash drive, boot your Mac, hold down Option, select the rEFIt option on the boot menu then you should see the USB drive as an option to boot. You also need to do the following to allow Boot Camp to run successfully under Windows 7 - you can install the drivers manually but some options like keyboard support don't work this way

    Try these suggestions and if they do not work, here's a tutorial on how to do it on a MacBook Air(should work for the Pro as well). But you must also have a computer running Windows 7 in order to successfully complete the guide I am about to link you to: Install Win 7 on MacBook Air from a USB drive | How To - CNET

    Hope this helps!

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