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    like the true failure my brother is he forgot his password to his admin account on his mac as well as lost his install cd
    I'm currently trying to reset it thru single user mode but i hit a bump in the road after the /sbin/mount -uw / function i use the command passwd user but I'm not sure when to type in the new password in can anyone help????
    2012-05-01 05:32 AM
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    Does it prompt you or anything? I don't own a Mac myself but I'll try to help you the best I can.
    2012-05-01 10:52 PM
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    2012-05-01 10:57 PM
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    this is what i see once i enter the command with out entering a new passwd

    :/ root# passwd Alexander Sabharwal
    usage: passwd [-i inffosystem] -l location]] [-u authname] [name]

    location (for infosystem)
    file location is path to file (default is /etc/master.passwd)
    NIS location is NIS domain name
    OpenDirectory location is directory node name
    PAM locatoin is not used

    not really sure what it means

    that link is for macs running lion not snow leopard after reboot the setup wizard doesn't reappear as if it was a new mac it jus took out the need for the password to login but not to install/remove programs

    scratch that last post broom head the link worked just wrote the command wrong in the initial attempt thanx guys
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    2012-05-01 11:52 PM
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    Cool, glad it worked for ya
    2012-05-02 12:47 AM