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  1. jjk454ss's Avatar
    Safari scrolling is really choppy on ML. I only see it in these forums at mmi though, if I quickly scroll through a long age it gets choppy and I see black instead of the page. Anyone else getting this?
    2012-07-28 04:05 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Nope was on mmi on Mac and all was very smooth
    2012-07-28 04:10 AM
  3. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Working fine for me on 2 different Mac computers, Safari, Chrome and Fire Fox working as normal.
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    2012-07-28 04:47 AM
  4. jjk454ss's Avatar
    Hmm. I reset Safari, it still does it though its not bad. Its only going scrolling really fast and only in long pages. Thanks for the responses.
    2012-07-28 04:50 AM