1. knickboy87's Avatar
    If I had a locked AT&T phone with 1.0.2, then used Indepedence to activate/jailbreak/update to 1.1.1., is it like I "unlocked my phone" even though I never switched carrier/sim cards? Like, if when 1.1.2 comes out, will I have to keep activating through Indpendence or is it OK if I do it through iTunes?
    2007-10-19 05:01 PM
  2. Blue_Dawg's Avatar
    No, a jailbreak and an unlock are two completely different things. Your iPhone is now able to have 3rd party apps installed but cannot be used with another carrier until you run a sim unlocking program.
    2007-10-19 06:11 PM
  3. knickboy87's Avatar
    ok, so even tho it wasn't activated through iTunes, that won't mess me up in the future?
    2007-10-19 06:16 PM
  4. Blue_Dawg's Avatar
    Well, I would not run an iPhone update right when it comes out if that's what you're asking. You did activate it through a source other than iTunes so you have modified the system in a way that iTunes did not. Any iPhone updates could still brick your phone. My advice is to wait a bit after the next update to give the dev team a chance to see what will happen and then update only after they tell you how.
    2007-10-19 06:19 PM