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    Ok, ive been through all kinds of unlocking methods and being bricked and everything in between. My phones current status is unlocked with iunlock 1.0.2 with firmware 03.14.08_G. Every guide I have ever followed has given me problems..especially when using terminal. What I want is the easiest and most effective way to Virginize my phone so its like I just got it brand new out of the box, so I can use IPSF. I just think with all the problems I have had ulocking, bricking/un-bricking, downgrading, upgrading...that this would be the most stress free route. I read the latest guide to virginize..but I remember somewhere on the guide it said something about "not with IPSF." I just want to virginize it...start fresh and use IPSF. Thanks.
    2007-10-25 06:06 AM
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    2007-10-28 05:23 AM
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    I think that's exactly what he was referring to... Says NOT unlocked with IPSF. I'm not sure that you need to virginize if you only used IPSF, as I thought it didn't actually change the baseband or something..
    2007-10-28 05:47 AM
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    er read again. he used iunlock
    2007-10-28 05:51 AM
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    Gotcha. I think this guide will work fine for him them. He did refer to a guide earlier saying something about "Not unlocked with IPSF" (probably the guide you linked), but I'm guessing it should be okay for him since he used iUnlock originally and just plans on using IPSF. Anyway, thanks for the clarification, unlocking isn't exactly my forte.
    2007-10-28 05:56 AM
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    thanks for the input guys. Yeah, i used iunlock but i want to use IPSF because I heard it doesnt effect your baseband information or something like that. So I guess I'll virginize, use independence to jailbreak, install installer to get IPSF and that should be it, right?
    2007-10-29 03:32 AM
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    Ok, please don't slam me for a dumb question. I am not really sure what method I used, however, I used the this method from MMI
    Do I need to virginize before upgrading to 1.1.1?
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