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  1. a13bfiend's Avatar
    everything went smoothly up until the point where i for example input:
    iPhone:/# cd /Applications/ but the only response ive received is that no file or directory exist.

    I've noticed other people experiencing this issue and i tried to follow what they did, but it was unsuccessful. I used ifuntastic to add ringtones early today and am starting to suspect it but am gonna try a few things before i do a restore.

    I downloaded all the necessary modding files from this site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ohh...i input ls and pressed enter and only had 5 directories show up if that helps narrow down the problem.
    2007-07-26 09:58 AM
  2. sp71supra's Avatar
    same problem here!! help please!!
    2007-07-26 04:33 PM
  3. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    That means your jailbreak did not take. I have had a couple issues with iFuntastic, but I think its not the issue. Have you both tried dl'ing a fresh copy of jailbreak and trying again?

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    2007-07-26 04:41 PM
  4. sp71supra's Avatar
    Poetic - Thanks a lot for the info. I did download a new version of jailbreak, even from the download section here. Should I just delete my phonedmg folder and start all over?

    Also on a side note, you guys say that itunes backups your settings and sms, etc... when you restore from a backup.. thats not that case for me. It erases my sms's, alarms, etc....
    2007-07-26 06:59 PM
  5. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Erases my sms too. You don't need to delete your phonedmg folder, just replace the jailbreak app in it.

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    2007-07-26 07:15 PM
  6. sp71supra's Avatar
    I replaced Jailbreak 3 different times... no change? Thats why im wondering if I should just delete the whole folder and start over. The only thing thats worth anything in that folder right now is the springboard list that I modded... which I can always replace. This is frustrating... this is SIMPLE modding and its not working, I just dont get it.
    2007-07-26 08:22 PM
  7. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Yah. I'm thinking it may be iFuntastic. I used it this morning, everything had been working fine, and then I got the AFC error everywhere, had to completely restore my iPhone to get it all working again.

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    2007-07-26 08:23 PM
  8. sp71supra's Avatar
    I did the same, with 4 restores still nothing

    im not even using ifuntastic... I just tried to do a simple springboard re-list and I get this message... this is ridiculas.. im so upset to the point of saying jailbreak is a piece of crap program...

    itunes and itunes helper were both not running, i downloaded jailbreak 3 different times, along with iphoneinterface. This is ridiculas? Can my iphone just not be modded? The only successful mod I performed was the and it worked, then i tried icons... then it locked up, had to do restore through itunes, now the will not even work, what gives?
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    2007-07-26 08:44 PM
  9. a13bfiend's Avatar
    I finally got mine to work early this morning, but only after completely restoring the iphone and downloading a copy of jailbreak from hacktheiphone. I believe the culprit to be ifuntastic just not cooperaing with any jailbreak after its use, although im a little suspicious of the sofware in my iphone.

    This is the second iphone ive had since i got it on he 29th of june my first one was loaded with additional bookmarks in safari and the contacts in the phone looked different (lacked the a b c etc... seperators), after the speaker on that phone blew i returned and i was promptly given a brand new phone (never tried to mod the old one) on the new phone i was surprised to find a few things different i had absolutely no bookmarks preloaded, the contacts were now spereate and the whole osx just seemed to act jumpy and glitchy. After performing the software restore last night all of a sudden the phone performs much better (even with the mods), contacts are still seperated, but a load of bookmarks were preloaded. Now im not sure if any of this would affect the modding but the software that was initially installed on my second phone was definitely screwy.

    So aside from that tangent, i recommend downloading a new jailbreak, not using ifuntastic and performing a sofware restore.
    2007-07-26 10:04 PM
  10. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Hmm. Not sure.

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    2007-07-26 10:16 PM
  11. a13bfiend's Avatar
    ok i just added a new slider and slider text to my phone and this was after i added all my ringtones with ifuntastic last night after skinning the iphone. So ifuntastic didn't get in the way this time which is weird, it looks like jailbreak seems to be the culprit or possibly it could be that ifuntastic screws things all up if its the first thing to mod the phone.
    2007-07-26 11:07 PM