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    hey guys, last 5 days have been rough, i've stayed up everynight till 4ish in the morning to work on my iphone, i've had a lot of problems, with jailbreak lol, but after downloading new one like 5 times everything has worked since then . but yeah here is my iphone, and i wanna thank digitalkid for the icons that he lets all of us use, and of course poetic_folly for helping me with all the problems and the JEDI dood ...here are the pics
    comments are welcome, so if there is anything that u think i should change...let me know...

    iam kind of not digging my carrier text, so if anyone could do my name "HUSO" it would be awesome.....with a soccerball next to it

    thx guys
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    2007-07-30 07:33 AM
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    thats good that you got it to work, my co-worker had tha same problem. The icons you pick'd are good too. My qstn though is there any thing wrong with it because the pic looks lile half of it is a differ color or fuze'd, im think'n the iPhone was in a angle when pic was take'n? over-all good job.
    2007-07-30 08:36 AM
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    Thats really cool. Where did safari go or mail? Are they both combined into the apple lCD?

    2007-07-30 04:30 PM
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    theforgottenone - yeah its the angle of the iphone lol, i took that picture with my isight camera on macbook, and whenever it flashes it does that to iphone, everything is working properly on iphone
    itchj11jr - safari is on the bottom, its between phone and ipod, its that monitor looking icon
    and mail is 2nd one, rite next to sms

    2007-07-30 06:11 PM
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    yea m bad, I looked at it a little closer and realized. Very good job on the theme.

    2007-07-30 10:54 PM
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    Looks cool keep it up
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    2007-07-31 04:59 AM
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    I think this is on the wrong section.
    2007-07-31 05:02 AM
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    Sure, moved.

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    2007-07-31 05:13 AM
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    Thanks to digitalkid56. Who pretty much told me to keep trying, that i will figure it out". helped me change the background and icons on my iphone. May not be much or sound like much but it kept me from making a post asking for help and doing it on my own and having that sense of accomplishment. Not sure if this is the right place to post this..so here's a somewhat before to after. Thanks again to digitkid56 and everyone
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    2007-08-04 02:04 PM