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    I had trouble with my last iPhone's (1.0.2) screen so I used iFuntastic's (free version) File Manager to back up the important files I needed from that phone and took it in to Apple. I have a new phone now that I've Pwned/jailbroke/unlocked with Pwnage and I am trying to replace those data files but nothing seems to be happening. Here is a list of the files I am trying to replace and where I found them:

    AddressBook.sqlitedb - var/root/Library/AddressBook
    AddressBookImages.sqlitedb - var/root/Library/AddressBook
    notes.db - var/root/Library/Notes
    sms.db - var/root/Library/SMS
    call_history.db - var/root/Library/Call History

    Using iFuntastic, I'm putting these files in the same place on my new iPhone (1.1.4) but instead of overwriting the already existing files it is creating a new file because of their extensions (ie .sqlitedb, .db). The files on the new iPhone don't seem to have extensions. There is a greyed out option in the File Manager that says Make Executable and I'm wondering if I need to do that to make the files readable to the iPhone. If someone knows about this stuff, please help me out.

    2008-05-06 09:31 PM