1. ruffio17's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I bought my iPhone about two or three weeks ago, with the new firmware 1.1.1. At the time they didn't have the unlock for 1.1.1, so I unlocked by changing it back to the 1.0.2 firmware... It worked once, for a half an hour and than when I plugged it in to the computer and let it sync, it wouldn't recognize my sim card (FIDO). And ever since, I always get 'invalid sim' on my phone, and i've tried every crack a mod you guys have on this website, and nothing has worked. I'm really really desperate here guys.. did I some how break my phone?
    2007-11-08 08:40 PM
  2. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Try this, worked for me.

    Virginize your baseband, uprgrade to 1.1.1 then jailbreak and unlock using the new anysim.
    2007-11-08 08:42 PM