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    I have added my ringtones to the phone using IFuntastic and that worked great! But one of my uses for my mobil is as a pager using SMS messages. In my old razor I was able to set it so that I could have a loud and long enough ringtone so that it would wake me when I got paged but I see no way of specifying the SMS ringtone with the Iphone. Of course what I really would like is to be able to have individualized SMS ringtones so that I only get my loud ringtone for the accounts I get paged from. Does anyone have any helpful hints?

    I was able to find the answer on

    You have to do it via terminal using jailbreak and iPhoneInterface and
    then you replace the system sound. One note about following the
    directions. I found that I kept getting an error trying to putfile my
    sms-received.caf file using the full pathname I kept getting
    iPhone:/# putfile /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/sms-received.caf
    Problem with AFCFileRefOpen: 12

    so instead I did a
    iPhone:/# cd /System/Library/Audio/UISounds
    iPhone:/System/Library/Audio/UISounds# rmdir sms-received.caf
    iPhone:/System/Library/Audio/UISounds# putfile sms-received.caf

    after that I followed the remaining instructions and everything worked
    at that point. I hope at some point that Apple will allow individualized ringtones for SMS messages but in the meantime my phone will work as my pager!
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    yep those are the exact correct steps,
    2007-08-02 08:38 AM
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    This works nicely, but I found that it only changes the SMS tone when the SMS app is closed. If you have the SMS app open, a different tone is used (sounds like a slide flute from a 5-year old's birthday party). You can use the same tactics to change this tone as well.

    The files you'll want to change are called:

    SentMessage.caf and ReceivedMessage.caf
    2011-01-02 11:22 PM
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    i think i've seen people do this, try searching the forums or doing a google search to see what you can find
    2011-06-09 04:44 AM