1. shaiss's Avatar
    so now that AFP is available (and easily insatlled via installer and my source ) how far are we from Wi-Fi Syncing?

    My idea is this:
    Once AFP is setup the phone is automatically seen in the finder.
    I'm sure you can setup an applescript to backup certain directories, but I'd like to take this further.

    Is there anyway to trick os x or itunes into seeing the afp connection as a usb connection and therefore the iphone itself.

    I think with some clever scripting this would be possible. Anyone up to the challenge? I'm sure many ppl would pay for an app like that.
    2007-11-21 05:05 PM
  2. oxeneers's Avatar
    There's a way to sync via Wi-Fi already, but it involves third party apps and isn't as simple as AFP sync.

    2007-11-23 07:07 AM