1. BAKO's Avatar
    sorry i am totally new here
    i got my i phone from us (actually in france) with [email protected] sim and to begin mid december and to begin i need to know which firmwareand boot
    so can u help me plz
    2007-11-29 01:11 PM
  2. acaijr73's Avatar
    im not exactly following what your trying to find out or do but.... more that likely if youve jus bought your phone your running 1.1.2 and bootloader 4.6.... you can confirm this by either just looking at the home screen and if there is the itunes icon with a cable going up to it and the slide to emergency is appearing in different languages you have 1.1.2 or you can slide to emergency and when the dial pad comes up dial *3001#12345#* call, firmware and if that says 04_02 then its 1.1.2 if its 04_01 its 1.1.1

    ****If you are actually got 1.1.2 in your phone then you CANNOT unlock it right now***
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    2007-11-29 01:22 PM