1. Hyperextension's Avatar
    Hopefully this is the right forum for this. I am looking for a little help.

    I have been reading around and found that it may be possible to install OS X on a PC.

    I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop running Windows Vista.

    I have an extra HDD, so I would like to install OS X on this. Is this possible? I have found online that there are ways of doing this, but I was wondering if anyone has done this, or how hard it might be.

    I am quite computer proficient, but no so much on OS X.

    I have no problem utilizing the extra HDD for OS X and would do that rather than a dual boot system. My HDD slides in and out easily so it would be handy to have both major operating systems readily available.

    Any issues I should be aware of? Could I damage the "insides" of my Dell by installing OS X?

    Any help or links to help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    2007-12-09 09:05 AM
  2. Digital Oxygen's Avatar
    which part of

    OS X SpecificiPhoneModding

    Eludes you?

    This part of the forum is dedicated to questions pertaining to modding an iphone under OS X, not installing osx onto a PC.

    2007-12-09 09:11 AM
  3. grantmaier687's Avatar
    Hey Hyperextension,

    while i've just started getting into this myself, i'll try and help you as much as i can.

    yes, it is possible to run OS X on a pc. As far as your dell XPS goes, i'm not certain but i'm pretty sure you can do it. www.insanelymac.com is the place to go to learn everyhting on the subject, they're the guys that started it all. What you're doing is basically running a patched version of OS X on your pc. The key to this was Apple's transition to intel chipsets in their computers, and no it will not damgae your pc, if you do everything correctly. Alot of this depends on what motherboard you are using, and if there is a patched OS X available for it. It does require playing around with your BIOS settings as well. As far as the extra HD goes i think you could do this but you may have a problem booting each OS separately due to the altered BIOS settings. what you would probably have to do is run windows in OS X, but again i'm not 100% on that. i think each time you booted off a separate hard drive you would have to change hard drive boot priority. everything you need to know about all of this i'm certain can be found at insanelymac.com, although you may have to ask around a bit hope this helps.
    2007-12-09 10:26 AM