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    Does anyone else have problems with iFuntastic changing their modification settings on their phone? This stupid software will screw up my homescreen and add stupid noises when I put it to sleep. It makes my calculator icon a heart for God knows what reason. This is the most frusterating shit in the world because each time this happens I have to restore because I have no idea how to get my settings back the way I want it. Who created iFuntastic because they really need to take out that stupid 'feature'. Christ almighty am I pissed. I'm just ranting... excuse me. Whoever wrote iFuntastic, get that shit fixed, it's annoying.

    Alright, I take back some of what I said. It was a user error... apparently clicking that iFuntasy button installs this stupid crap on the phone. My bad.
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    2007-08-11 11:27 PM
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    did the same thing. quite a *****.
    2007-08-12 12:19 AM