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    This is my first time posting so bare with me.

    I've been at this for a few weeks now. iphone is one of the first but accidentlly installed 1.1.2 fw. I'm running mac book pro(intel) with leopard itunes 7.5. Iphone running 1.0.5 fw and have successfully jailbroken, simunlock but can't seem to upgrade or even try and run run apptapp.

    I have ran 1.1.1 fw and installed appsnap. but couldn't unlock the sim. There I have opted to trying apptapp because indepence has made it very easy to unlock sim consistently.

    But when it comes time to install Apptapp I get the result every time I click okay. bootstrap error. iphonecomm failed.....etc..... have been everywhere and even tried the old route of manually installing I get all the way to the end and and messages out of the butt saying something is wrong. I see this is a problem everywhere but there really is no solution? Any type of guidance is welcome.


    Well took a look at what it says on the console and I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL ITS TRYING TO SAY!!!!! All I know is it is keeping me from installing apptapp.

    1/1/08 2:15:20 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Archive: /Users/bparker/phonedmg/AppTapp,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw
    1/1/08 2:15:20 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] inflating: /Users/bparker/phonedmg/AppTapp
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] inflating: /Users/bparker/phonedmg/AppTapp
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] * iPhoneComm v2.0
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Using 009-7698-4.dmg as the Ramdisk Image.
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Using kernelcache.release.s5l8900xrb as the Kernel Cache.
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Architecture: i386
    1/1/08 2:15:21 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Stage 0: 0 Looking for iPhone...
    1/1/08 2:15:22 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Could not enable SSL
    1/1/08 2:15:22 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Stage 1: 1 Sending preliminary files...
    1/1/08 2:15:24 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Stage 1: 2 Entering recovery mode...
    1/1/08 2:15:33 PM [0x0-0x132132].com.nullriver.iphone.bootstrapper[1415] Stage 2: 3 Sending boot files...
    1/1/08 2:15:34 PM ReportCrash[1422] unable to read PC for current frame pointer; truncating stack
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