1. barkermn01's Avatar
    Hello i have some files i have modded but this has to be a mac coz i need some one to add 2 files to a dmg for me
    Some one that can edit iphone 1.1.3 DMG files and the ramdrive.dmg this sould then allow a version of the 1.1.3 to be used with the itunes updater and sould force an update via itunes coz the versions will be newer then the old one and this sould then be runnign the 3.14.08_G under the name of 04.15.01_G to the iphone _ i dont want a tester i want some one to make the update file so i can test this might break an iphone
    2008-02-02 12:06 AM
  2. xman958's Avatar
    Bingo, you have one.
    How can I help you?
    2008-02-02 01:06 AM