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  1. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    So i followed all the instructions and got my phone to tether to the computer i did a good job too.. but something weird is happening..

    i can't load pages in safari but i had one loaded and i could and did download a file from it ..

    as i am downloading the file i can't ping google
    i can't load google
    i can't load any pages..


    please help
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    2007-08-23 05:06 PM
  2. antiflash's Avatar
    i don't think the phone always stays connected to EDGE (like when the screen goes off). someone said that if you change the screen settings in the general section to "never go off automatically", the phone will stay connected to EDGE. remember that the phone was not built to be tethered, nor was the EDGE configuration, so some tweaking should be expected.

    other than that...i have not tethered mine yet, but i'll give it a go this weekend and post any new findings if you don't get it working.
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    2007-08-24 02:58 PM
  3. Ozymandius=girl's Avatar
    I think the problem is a dns one.. my phone is already set to never shut off.. i am going to try this morning to ping external ip's and see if i get a response.. thanks for the response antiflash
    2007-08-24 03:09 PM