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    Okay, so looking around I saw that there have been alot of threads about tethering your iphone to your mac... Most without an answer. I am sure that there are alot of people wanting to do this out there, so I created this tutorial for those who don't have computer science degrees

    Ok, step one
    Download the tetherkit from here.
    Now that you have that, open up a terminal window and type cd Desktop. then, type cd tetherkit-osx. Then, type chmod u+x * (include the asterisk) and hit enter.

    Step two.
    Move the jailbreak that is in the tetherkit folder out on to you desktop. Now, go to your phonedmg folder. Take your jailbreak out and put it somewhere safe. Now move the jailbreak that is on your desktop in to the phonedmg folder. Now type cd ~/phonedmg in terminal.

    Step three
    Type ./jailbreak and follow the directions to jailbreak your phone.
    *Important* When I did this, it got stuck at "Waiting for the iphone to finish booting." If it does this to you, wait for your iphone to boot into its normal screen, then press control+c to quit jailbreak.

    Step four
    Now that your phone has been jailbroken using the modded jailbreak, type cd ~/Desktop/tetherkit-osx in your terminal window. Then, type
    ./tetherify-osx-intel.sh. Follow the onscreen directions.

    Step five
    Now, you are ready to tether! Ok, first creat an ad-hoc network by clicking on your airport icon, and clicking "create network". Name it whatever you like. Now, Go into system preferences. Hit the Network icon, then select Airport, then click Configure. In the window, select TCP/IP. Swich the "Configure IPv4" option to manual. Now, for the IP address, type in (this is not your iphones ip). And for the subnet mask, type in
    Now, switch to the "Proxies" tab. Scroll down until you see "SOCKS Proxy". Now, select that. Now we need your iphone. On your phone, go into settings, and click on Wifi. Join the ad-hoc network we set up earlier. Then, click the blue arrow next to it. Switch from DHCP to Static. Set the ip as and the subnet mask as Leave everything else blank. Now, switch back to your System Preferences window. You should already be on the proxy window. Put a check next to SOCKS proxy, and for the ip enter, and a port of 1080. Click apply now.

    Step Six

    make sure your phone is awake. Open safari. If at first your page doesent load, keep clicking refresh until you get it to load. Sometimes it does the first time, sometimes it doesent. there you go! You have successfully tethered your iphone!

    If you have any questions post below, and I hoped I helped some people!

    Edit: Just posted on MacRumors too
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    I don't use windows
    2007-08-23 11:48 PM
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    Can this be done on a Powerbook or only intel based macs?
    2007-09-28 10:01 AM
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    I think using the BSD Subsystem with the iPhone Terminal is so much easier.
    2007-09-29 12:48 AM
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    I think using the BSD Subsystem with the iPhone Terminal is so much easier.
    Hey dinky
    whats your way with the BSD subsystem
    im into easier

    thank you
    2008-02-10 08:28 PM
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    so is that a special jailbreak?
    im jailbroken and unlocked on 1.1.2
    do i still need to run the modded jailbreak?

    2008-02-10 08:32 PM