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    iFuntastic is great, but as we know limited. iPhone Skinner rocks and makes skinning a piece of cake (and reskinning even easier than that, like after an update.) The Installer.app is certainl cool and getting easier to install itself everyday. But what about minor stuff, like adding one ringtone or changing one graphic.

    I've found that SCP rules for a lot of these types of things. Of course, You need to be familiar with commands like MKDIR, to create a directory using one of the command line tools like iPHUC or SSH, but once the directory structure is created, you can *easily* copy files to it via one command, SCP (secure copy, which uses SSH by default.) Your SCP command should be something to the effect of (but adapted to your environment):

    scp -r /directory/where/you/have/stuff/filename [email protected]##:/directory/where/you/want/stuff/filename - where 192.168.2.## is the IP of the iPhone.

    Yes, this requires SSH installed and running. Once you are there though, you can use the command above (and variations there of) to move files to/from your iPhone without needing jailbreak or iPHUC, etc.

    You will be prompted for a password, it's the SSH password.
    Yes, this means wireless installation and copying of goodies, no USB tether required either.
    You can copy specific files, .app files or entire directories this way (the "-r" means recursive.)
    You can reverse the order to copy files form your iPhone to any SSH server. Example:

    scp -r [email protected]##:/directory/where/you/have/stuff/filename /directory/where/you/want/stuff/filename - where 192.168.2.## is the IP of the SSH server. You can also use the SCP method to back-up your iPhone.

    The SCP method works for replacing graphics, installing applications, installing ringtones, you name it. Again, no jailbreak or iPHUC or iPhoneInterface required, just SSH installed and running. The iPhone can even be "jailed". Enjoy.

    I hope this finally helps you (and potentially others.)
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    Yea, I always use scp. What I do is simply download an app, cd my desktop, then do scp -r App.app [email protected]:/Applications/

    And then, chmod +x to the applicable files

    It makes adding stuff to the iphone very simple.
    I don't use windows
    2007-08-24 05:22 PM