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    I unlocked with iPhoneSIMFree back at 1.1.1 with my iPhone. It is a 1.1.1 OTB. I am currently on 1.1.2, jailbroken and activated. I would rather be on 1.1.3 with 1.1.3 baseband.

    Can someone help me?
    Chris 'cWanja' Wanja
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    2008-02-18 11:46 PM
  2. sura's Avatar
    Yes, its very easy. UPDATE the phone in iTunes. This will give you firmware 1.1.3 and 4.03.13_G baseband. Your bootloader will remain 3.9 which is good. You will have the slide for emergency screen.

    Now use ZiPhone to jailbreak, activate, & unlock.

    Install BSD Subsystem & Community Sources. (You may have some trouble here, Installer seems to be having server trouble or something).

    You're done!
    2008-02-23 02:41 PM