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    Hey guys,
    I am in a spot of bother. I have an early iphone(number 94or95)
    It was freed with iphonesimfree when it came available last august.
    It worked perfectly till last week when I put it into airplane mode and it froze.
    Since then I have tried allsorts to get it reset but I keep getting the error 1604
    I tried on 3 different macs and a pc using all the different solutions suggested on the
    Varius forums. I tried different user acconts, restarting, different machines, forcing to restore from the file itself with itunes closed, , running repeatedly (+15 times), and nothing at all has worked to restore the unit
    I am not sure which firmware the phone has its either the first or second in the series .
    But I cant reboot directly either using the option/restore keystroke
    Is there anybody who knows how to zap these machines back to the factory setting?
    Please help.
    I am using itunes 7.6.1(9) on a g5 mac

    2008-02-25 08:21 PM