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    Initially, my v1.0.0 iPhone was getting excellent battery life... typically 13+ hours. I added a few ringtones and changed a few icons (iFuntastic v2) without a noticeable change. With v1.0.1, I modded like crazy (on Mac & Windows jailbreaking + iFuntastic)... Simpsons theme, Terminal, Voice Recorder, NES Emulator, Installer. My usage really didn't change much (mostly just occasionally demonstrating the mods... not really using them), but my battery was pooping out at less than 8 hours... very disappointing! I figured I'd restore it (to v1.0.2) and bring it into the AT&T Store to see about a replacement iPhone. Now, the battery life is excellent again... 13+ hours.

    Did v1.0.1 tank the battery?
    Did v1.0.2 improve battery functioning?
    Does modding decrease battery life?

    I love all the cool mods, but I can't afford to give up half the battery life.

    Any ideas????
    2007-08-30 09:41 PM
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    I've heard that 1.0.2 did improve battery life for some. I didn't see that much difference. However, to answer your question about whether modding can decrease battery life... yes and no.

    All of the apps so far, even the most professionally done, are still in the 'experimental' stage. That said, if the app exits without closing up all of its processes then it can cause a decrease in battery life. If it is run multiple times there could be multiple instances of latent processes running. This can be a problem not only with the iPhone but with any OS, and it is not uncommon.

    One way to 'clean things up' would be to do a full shut down and restart periodically. It didn't sound like you had pinned the battery drain to any particular app but that could be the case. If you've got the binkit installed you could try running ps or top to see what's running periodically after you've closed things down to see if anything keeps using resources or doesn't terminate correctly.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

    2007-08-31 04:27 AM
  3. MacUser's Avatar
    Actually, that sounds brilliant!

    I think I'll re-mod and try the periodic full shutdown. I believe v1.0.2 did improve my battery life a bit. My iPhone would usually be dying around 10-11PM. Now, it's about 10% remaining by that time.
    2007-08-31 05:57 AM