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    Hey guys

    i wanted to know if anyone was having difficulties jailbreaking.

    i'm a computer science minor so i know my way around
    the terminal and following the wiki's has been a breeze
    but for some reason it seems i can only jailbreak once.

    no matter what way i do it. using iActivator, iFuntastic, and just from the
    terminal. I jailbreak once do somethings, put everything back in order, and things are fine, sync works right. But when i try to go back in and re jailbreak i always get an error, i think i've restored my phone at least 10 times now, any advice ?

    my latest error from the terminal was
    -Problem with Ditto: 6-

    Thanks in advance

    i was thinking maybe if i completly scrap my phonedmg folder and start it over that might help but i dont know

    thanks again


    i guess it just took me to complain online that things weren't working
    for the phone to play along. Things jailbroke fine and modding went well.

    things were still a little fishy, trying to jailbreak, but guess thats how the game goes
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