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    If you are a Mac user like I am, the idea of running Windows applications inside of a Mac computer is not new at all. There are quite few applications that will allow you to just that, including VMware Fusion, Parallels, or even simple and free Boot Camp from Apple. It is pretty cool. But how about running Apple OS X on a pc? Is it possible? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It all depends on your hardware. The closer your hardware resembles original specifications of a Mac, any Mac, the more chances you have in succeeding.

    You will most likely need a modified OS X installation DVD with modified boot loader. It will allow you to load, and install OS X with no problems. This is the result of BIOS not being able to recognize Retail OS X DVD as bootable. Despite the excitement you might feel right now, there are few things to consider. For example: The only hardware that is 100% supported by Apple is their own. Which means problems to your install if you accidently update your ‘Mac’ with a serious update from Apple, since it restores some of the modified files back to original. In other words it will break your system. It can be avoided if you use modified system update, but if you don’t like spending time behind your computer this is probably not for you.

    Other thing to consider is the fact that Apple EULA for OS X states that you can run OS X on Apple labeled hardware only. Therefore, this tutorial is for education purposes only. You, the reader, is responsible for your choice to install OS X. Also, you are assuming the responsibility for any damage to your computer that might occur, if it will.

    Also, be ready to make some sacrifices in order to have OS X installed. Some people cannot get their sound to work properly; some are having troubles with their video card, etc.

    Last piece of advice, if you really like Macs, buy yourself one. Support Apple and their creativity.

    Ok, lets start.

    In this tutorial I will install OS X on a computer I have. At the end of a tutorial you will have 100% working ‘Mac’.

    Here are my hardware specifications:
    • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P (DS3R/DS4, should work as well)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 2.20GHz
    • Ram: Corsair 2×1GB, 800MHz
    • Video: nVidia GeForce 7600 GT, 256 Mb, DDR3
    • Hard Drive: Excelstor 160GB; 75xx RPM
    • Optical Drive: LG DVD RW

    Here is what you need:

    • For installing OS X you will need iDeneb v1.0 OS X DVD (Also, buy a retail version at least). I cannot tell you where to get iDeneb. Google it.
    • Drivers (Kext) - here.
    • Shut Down Fix - here.

    1. Burn your iDeneb ISO to a DVD.

    2. Changing BIOS Settings:

    • Turn on your computer and press ‘Del’ key on your keyboard to enter BIOS settings.
    • Navigate to ‘Integrated Peripherals’ hit ‘Enter’ and make sure that your SATA mode is set to AHCI and not ‘Disabled’.
    • Navigate to ‘Power Management’ in BIOS and change setting from S3 (default) to S1 to get sleep and/or shut down working properly.

    3. Booting/Installing iDeneb:
    • Place your iDeneb DVD into DVD drive and turn on/restart your computer.
    • At BIOS prompt, press ‘F12’ and choose ‘CD Drive/DVD Drive’
    • At the Darwin prompt, you will read this: “Press any key to start from CD-Rom, or press F8 to enter start up options…” You need to press F8 and type ‘-v’ (without ‘) and press ‘Enter’ to load OS X in verbose mode. After few minutes you should see this window. Click on blue arrow at the bottom (after choosing your language of course).
    • Here is how ‘Welcome Screen’ looks like. Don’t click on ‘Continue’ button yet. You need to format your hard drive first. Go to ‘Utilities → Disc utility’.
    • Select your hard drive at the top left corner and click on ‘Erase’ tab.
    • Choose ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled)’ from the drop down menu of ‘Volume Format’ and click on ‘Erase’ button. Confirm the erase command.
    • Click on ‘Partition’ tab and in the ‘Volume Scheme’ drop down menu choose – 1 Partition. In the Name field type ‘OSX’. Leave the format option to ‘Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
    • Now, click on ‘Options’ button at the bottom left corner and choose ‘Master Boot Record’ (MBR), click on OK and hit ‘Apply’ at the main ‘Disk Utility’ window. Confirm the creation of the ‘OSX’ partition. Wait few moments as ‘Disk Utility’ works its way through.
    • Close ‘Disk Utility’ by clicking on the red dot at the top of the ‘Disk Utility’ window. You are back to the ‘Welcome’ screen.
    • Click on ‘Continue’ button and hit ‘Agree’.
    • Select destination hard drive – OSX and click on ‘Continue’.
    • Click on ‘Customize’ button on at this window prompt
    • Choose these packages: X11; under Audio, choose AC97Audio; under Chipset, don’t select anything; under Kernel option, choose 9.4.0 Vanilla or you can choose 9.2.0 Sleep (I have selected 9.4.0 Vanilla); under Network (Ethernet), choose Intel 100ProVE; under Fix (SMBIOS), choose Apple SMBIOS 800 (if your Ram is 800MHz, like mine); under Fix, select Apple PS2 Controller; under Video (NVidia), expend Nvinject and choose your graphics card, if you have NVidia video card. If you have ATI, choose the appropriate kext for your card; under Applications, choose all. Click on ‘Done’ button.
    • After you get back to ‘Install Summary’, click on ‘Install’ (you can skip checking install DVD by hitting ‘skip’ button).
    • Installing - wait. At about one minute remaining, it will look like the installation process got stock, its normal. Just wait.
    • Here is the ‘Install Succeeded’ window ☺. Click on ‘Restart’ button.

    After your computer boots back in, you will see the ‘Intro Movie’ (see picture) and short after it, you will have an opportunity to set up your personal account. Take your time to do so.

    4. Fixing minor bugs:
    • You probably will have to change the resolution to your own before you do anything else. (System Preferences → Display).
    • To fix your sound, you will need KextHelper. Google it. After you install KextHelper, open it. Also, open the ‘Drivers’ folder you downloaded earlier. Inside the ‘Sound’ folder, select both kext files, and drop them into KextHelper main window. Enter your password in the password field and hit ‘Easy Install’. Click on ‘Ok’ and restart your computer. Sound should work now. If it doesn’t, try to reinstalling kext files again.
    • Your restart should work fine. However you might have a problem with ‘Shut Down’. Try shutting down your computer. If your screen goes dark, but some of the fans are still working, you need to install ‘Shut Down Fix’ (I have included the download link).

    Here is how you fix it:

    1. Install CHUD.pkg;

    2. Open Finder and navigate to Developer -> Extras -> PreferencePanes and double click on “Processor.prefPane” to install it for all users. 3. Install “PowerOff fix”. You are set! Try turning off your computer, it should be ok now.

    That’s it! You have 100% working ‘Mac’. Take your time to explore, customize, and simply enjoy the beautiful OS.
    Consider buying a Mac if you really like it ☺
    2008-09-23 06:38 PM
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    you can also use vista xp or darwin bootloader. you should also specify that this is a clean install. if someone were to follow these instructions on a partition they would get an HFS+ error. there are a few things missing from this in order to be "complete".
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...
    2008-10-06 03:58 PM
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    I am not sure why you talk about vista or xp bootloader... But if you read the tutorial carefully it is clear that it is a clean install since no dual booting mentioned...

    Besides, nobody claims "complete" tutorial... Anyone in hackintosh community will agree that there is no such thing as "complete" tutorial since even the same spec computer can behave differently (bios v, etc) this was published to let others know it's possible, that's it...

    If you are willing to share your knowledge, go ahead, write a tutorial
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    2008-10-14 04:41 AM
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    It should also be noted that osx MUST be installed on a primary partition. If you want to dual boot it with windows, on the same HDD, you'll have to create both partitions in OSX, then boot into XP/Vista setup and install on the secondary, then install OSX on the primary partition.

    It's probably better to use a full seperate HDD though.

    I finally got mine up and running again last night. When I upgraded to my GTX260 from my 8800GT it broke the installation. Finally figured out how to remove the nvinject driver and use the vesa 3.

    Does anyone know when apple plans on adding support for the 200 series GPUs? lol 3D runs like crap
    2008-11-17 03:55 PM
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    Is there a PC laptop that has the hardware stock that can run OSX out of the box? I would love to run OSX, but I can't see myself dropping 3000 dollars on an Apple laptop.
    2008-11-17 09:50 PM
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    Is there a PC laptop that has the hardware stock that can run OSX out of the box? I would love to run OSX, but I can't see myself dropping 3000 dollars on an Apple laptop.

    I'm sure, no matter what, you'll run into some sort of issues. As far as a laptop running it out of the box, I think either the EEEPC (surprisingly enough) or MSI Winds can run it pretty well OOTB.

    Honestly though, for sake of sanity, I'd run it on a desktop. It's a lot easier picking and choosing hardware that's known to run it well.

    the DFI P35 Bloodiron motherboard with a Core2duo/quad will run it with next to no aditional configuring.

    EDIT: ok, so it looks like the MSI winds seem to run it great. At the time of this article, the wifi and headphones needed drivers but I'm sure that's been sorted out by now.

    I may grab one for this reason alone. A $400.00 brand new "mac" laptop gets a thumbs up from me
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    2008-11-18 07:59 PM
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    Cool! I am going to look into this more. I am due for a new laptop and get aggravated when I see Apple's prices.
    2008-11-19 02:30 PM