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  1. xIsak07's Avatar
    I am very new to editing things on the iPhone. I basically want to install the NES, Voice Recorder, Finder, etc. on my phone

    how in the world do I do this? I know that there are a million steps to this but have no idea how to execute this. If somebody could provide me with some links and stuff

    and last . . . I wan that new SpringBoard app. how will I accomplish that feat?

    well thanks for any help I can get . . . really thank you!
    2007-09-02 05:43 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    We're editing our Wiki, so the format is a little messed up right now, but there are guides in there as far as how to install, I recommend that first...

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    2007-09-02 09:26 PM
  3. xIsak07's Avatar
    my problem basically comes when I begin to install sshkit:

    basically saying that it fails to find the directory files and such

    is this normal?
    2007-09-04 02:45 AM
  4. antiflash's Avatar
    i found that the jailbreak file that came with the SSH install kit did not work. try finding a jailbreak file that works and replacing the SSH kit one with the working version.

    this causes a problem because the visible file structure is different with jailbroken phones vs. locked phones. I believe you can also manually jailbreak the phone before running the SSH install script to take care of this step ahead of time...
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    2007-09-04 07:47 AM