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  1. bgc12's Avatar
    I tried to install a Matrix skin but after I shut down the Iphone and restarted it, it was some notepad and paper for my icons not the Matrix one. Please dont tear the tread apart its prob a stupid question lol.

    2007-09-03 05:17 AM
  2. lifesmymachine's Avatar
    That is the default icon.. Make sure that everything is capitalized correctly and in the right directory, and that your image is a png file
    That image shows up when the phone can't find or is missing icons for programs

    how did you apply the theme?
    2007-09-03 09:06 AM
  3. bgc12's Avatar
    I used the iphoneinterface. Opened the cmd file typed cd /phonedmg and than dragged and dropped the iphoneinterface into the black box and went from there. I know its not a good description.
    2007-09-04 02:26 AM
  4. antiflash's Avatar
    so by opening cmd, i'm guessing you mean the terminal application.

    plug in your phone to your computer with a usb cable.
    to use iphoneinterface, the iphoneinterface files need to be in the phonedmg folder. if they are already, there, you're good to go.
    next, type in the "cd /phonedmg" and hit enter to enter the phonedmg folder
    next, type in "./iPhoneInterface" (this is cap sesitive, so it has to be the same exact capitalization of the file you put into the phonedmg folder) and hit enter to run the program
    it will connect with your phone.

    from there, you just need to make sure that you go 1 icon at a time and make sure that they are all formatted correctly (name correct, size correct, etc). it would be a good idea to start with some of the icons that others created so you know you're using files that are formatted correctly.

    post more issues if they arise...
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    2007-09-04 08:02 AM