1. dylan23's Avatar
    so i installed both unfortunatly i installed the update so thats not working anymore

    cyberduck is working but when it asks for my password i type it in and it says its wrong. ive typed every password ive had for the last few years.

    ill keep working on that

    otherwise does anyone know where i can find a different app that will let me do this

    im trying to get games onto my nes

    i have a mac if that makes much of a differance
    2007-09-07 06:09 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    The iTunes update or the iPhone software update?

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    2007-09-07 06:10 AM
  3. dylan23's Avatar
    2007-09-07 06:19 AM
  4. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    you do know you have to have the sftp server any all those binaries installed right, it doesnt just work
    2007-09-07 06:21 AM
  5. SpectralVeil's Avatar
    Poetic Folly+Cash:
    There have been a bunch of people reporting failure of many mod software. (AppTapp, iActivator and the ones mentioned above)
    I tried to Jailbreak my iPhone today and it failed, forcing me to restore.
    The jailbreaking screen on iActivator kept spinning until the iphone disconnected and the program froze I'm also on a mac
    Someone said earlier that AppTapp wasn't working but that a new version fixed the problem, unfortunately since my phone is jailed right now I can't put the new version on. Also I can't find the new version anywhere could you post a link
    Hope this helps
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    2007-09-07 06:26 AM
  6. dylan23's Avatar
    mind pointing me in the right direction?

    next step? how to do it . .

    also some how when i install somthing on the iphone it says "package could not be unpacked!"
    2007-09-07 06:27 AM
  7. SpectralVeil's Avatar
    Although since I saw your reply maybe these cases are unrelated
    2007-09-07 06:29 AM
  8. dylan23's Avatar
    it seems logical

    im not that down to jailbreak it anyway

    i think apple is up to somthing this update
    2007-09-07 06:30 AM
  9. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    I'm sure this is just because all of those programs require a few specific strings to interact with the iPhone and thus iTunes. The developers simply need to update their software and it will be fine.

    Meanwhile all command line applications should still work fine.

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    2007-09-07 06:33 AM
  10. dylan23's Avatar
    i cant wait that long . . . it was like 3 hours after doing the updates

    if i were to wait i would have ganmes and the whole shpiel
    2007-09-07 06:36 AM
  11. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Then use the good old jailbreaking via command line. Works a treat.

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    2007-09-07 06:37 AM