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    ok... i have installed the installer app on my iphone, and have since installed the latest version of summerboard. It is working properly, except that I basically have 2 different backgrounds. One is my wallpaper on the lcok screen, and the other is my background from using iFuntastic 3.0.3. I have tried making both the same, but that doesnt really work. Also, the square space around the icons are different colors, pictures, etc. Can someone please give me a runthrough of how to make one cohesive background and not have the icons look like they were crudely pasted on.
    I am using an ibook g4 ppc, along with iFuntastic, cyberduck, and the installer app.


    Also, could someone please instruct me on how to install themes using these programs?
    2007-09-07 10:40 AM