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    I tried to unjail my iPhone through iActivator and iActivator quit halfway through the jailbrake (I think Apple has put an end to that program). My only option after it was stuck was to restore the iPhone. iTunes said the phone was successfully restored, but it never shows up in the iTunes source list, instead after it's restart...IT JUST RUNS SCRIPTS ON SCREEN and then restarts itself only to do it again. I have been able to force it back into recovery mode, but only to repeat the same process.

    Any ideas?
    2007-09-08 07:46 AM
  2. ~W~'s Avatar
    Having same EXACT issue... im trying to reinstall the firmware using a different computer assuming the itunes i was using from the previsouly computer was corrupt...
    2007-09-08 08:49 AM
  3. redsox247's Avatar
    Here is the best help I have found...

    this jailbraked the phone...then used iActivator to activate phone
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    2007-09-08 04:57 PM