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    hey guys, just bought a new iphone today since the software sim unlock was released. i need to activate the phone and jailbreak it, but for some reason iActivator doesnt recognize the iphone when i plug it in. im using iActivator (downloaded from this site), and my Intel Based MacBook Pro. When i connect the iphone to the laptop (with iTunes Helper closed) nothing happens.. it makes a noise to tell me something was connected, but nothing happens, no icons, no iTunes, Iactivator doesnt see it either. also, i downloaded the firmware 1.0 thing from apple since the phone is right out the box. When i open iActivator, its supposed to ask me where i downloaded the files, but it doesnt do anything. When i open iActivator with the iphone connected, it gives me an Error "Pairing Issues"...

    can someone please help me out? my iTunes version is the 7.3 one also incase anyone needed to know.

    im gonna try iFuntastic while i wait for help =/

    update! i was able to jailbreak and everything; fixed the pairing issue by continually to hold sleep and home until iactivator just recognized it.

    i get to the last step of activating and i get an error code of -402653165

    .. not sure what this is, but will search on it. anyone have any ideas?

    2nd update!

    i got everything working, thanks mostly to search, but now i just ran into another problem.. youtube isnt working. any suggestions? gonna try to search now.
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