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    I live in Canada and I am getting a friend to bring me an iPhone in the next week or so when he comes to visit. I'm worried about the next firmware update Apple will be releasing soon, however, because I will have to be able to unlock the phone to use with Rogers here. I doubt I will have the phone in my hands before Apple launches the new firmware. My questions are:

    Following the steps of the iPhone Unlock Wiki I will have to restore and update the iPhone as part of the first step ( If I do this after the next firmware update will it stop me from unlocking the phone, or does this just set the phone back to factory specs with the original firmware? Will I then be able to install the firmware update of my choice (the current firmware that's out right now)?

    Anyone know the answers to these questions?
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    It will restore to the newest dept. If they release a new firmware before you get your iPhone, there should be a new unlock guide within 24-48 hours of the firmware update to accommodate the new firmware.

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