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    I found a nifty program that allows you to sync notes to and from the iPhone (on OSX): iPhoneNotes.app (downloadable from here: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/27064/iphonenotes)

    For me (running a JailBroken 1.1.3 iPhone), it works great, allowing me to pull Notes off the iPhone and add new notes FROM my computer back to the iPhone.

    A friend of mine also has a JailBroken 1.1.3 iPhone; however, the application doesn't work at all for him (he can't pull notes off the phone or add new notes to the phone), even after confirming the IP address, "root" username, and "alpine" password.

    Using MobileFinder we've confirmed the permissions for the MobileNotes.app on the iPhone are identical.

    Any ideas?
    2008-03-11 02:10 AM
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    OMFG... I've been waiting for an app like this for a while now.

    I've just confirmed this working (sort of) on Leopard, 16GB (1.1.4) iPhone jailbroken via ZiPhone.

    It won't load the entire note but rather only the first two or three lines it seems. Also since the first line of the note is the subject line it doesn't load that right as well.

    Make sure your friend has BSD Subsystem installed, SSH installed and that you can SSH into the phone normally without the program. The iPhone and computer have to be connected to the same network meaning if you're connected via wireless to a wireless network the computer cannot be physically or wirelessly connected to another network in the area. Even though the IP range is the same that would still cause a problem.
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    2008-03-17 09:06 PM
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    Can someone suggest a similar app that runs on Windows?


    2008-11-12 03:59 PM
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    This probably doesn't answer the specific question, but for those that dont want to jailbreak their phones, I've found a fairly useful workaround for the lack of Notes syncing (at least for Macs; don't know if there is an analogous method for Windows).

    What I did was create a Group in Addressbook (on my Mac) called Notes. Then I put whatever info I want into the Notes field of the "Contact" and use the Company name as the title of the note. It's a great way to be able to sync notes between the iPhone and computer.
    2008-11-12 05:41 PM