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    Hi There,

    I turned my phone on this morning and something funny happened.

    An error appeared on my iPhone today. The screen turned black and a message told something along the lines that I was using my iPhone on an unauthorized network and I needed to send my phone in for repair.

    I hit the home button but the screen stayed black....

    I turned the phone off then back on and everything was working fine.

    Maybe this is the begining of the end for unlocked models.....

    Happened again.
    This time it just told me to call Apple Tech Support...
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    2007-09-20 03:30 PM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    um.. YIKES! that can't be good
    2007-09-20 09:42 PM
  3. Jimbo's Avatar
    So... What network are you on then? Is your phone actually unlocked?
    2007-09-20 11:40 PM
  4. SebD's Avatar
    I am on Rogers in Canada.
    The phone is unlocked using the OS X unlock guide on this website.

    I dissabled EDGE and have not recived the error agian.
    To dissable EDGE I entered false APN info....seems to be working fine.

    Wonder if the phone is calling home via EDGE?

    I cannot belive Apple would try to stop one from using a product you actually own. That is crazyness.

    Maybe it is my carrier. Does anyone know if a GSM carrier can find out what type of phone you are using over EDGE or by any other means?

    I had a Rogers Rep call me today claming to be doing a survay. They asked if I had purchased a new phone recently. Said Nope....

    2007-09-21 12:14 AM
  5. nxovkin's Avatar
    my phone is acting wierd also, this morning i found out that some of the ringtones that i made aren't work (no sound) but was working yesterday. so, i manually sync the ringtones that was working and left out the ones that wasn't working on my next sync. then i resync all the ringtones again and now most of the ringtones that wasn't working is now working but some still have no sound. another thing that i've notice is my phone dosen't always retrieve my email every 15 mins even though i have set that way...hmmm? i have itune 7.4.1 (2) and 1.0.2 firmware on my phone. i also unlocked my iphone using the 4 part tutorial here with success and i'm with at&t.

    anyone have any suggestions???
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    2007-09-21 12:14 AM
  6. Walter Sobchak's Avatar
    I would think the only one's losing here is AT&T

    ...and screw 'em anyways
    "Mark it Zero"

    2007-09-21 05:43 PM