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    Hello Community,

    when i first want to restore my iphone, i press and hold home and sleep buttons for 25 seconds, but while i am pressing, the phone restart in a loop. So i cant see any message like "please connect to itunes"

    need help???


    thanks everybody

    i want to follow the guide "easy unlock" and
    i have a macbook c2d.
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    2007-09-20 08:54 PM
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    You need to hold it down a little longer. It will restart, but if you keep holding, THEN it will go into restore mode. You DO need the phone to be plugged in to the computer in order for this to work.

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    2007-09-22 10:21 PM
  3. jgaranha's Avatar
    if your iPhone after the jailbreack proccess is in a loop reset, make this for correction:

    in MacOS X

    1.) Make sure you have iTunes 7.4.2 intalled
    2.) Make sure you have AppTapp 3.0 (or Newer) installed
    3.) Make sure you kill iTunes and iTuneshelper using acitivity monitor
    4.) Put your iPhone into recovery restore mode (yellow triangel) by holdning down sleep and home button together for about 25 seconds.
    5.) Now start AppTapp, but do not click anything
    6.) Open Terminal, cd to the AppTapp application, into Contents/Resources/
    7.) now type ./iphonecomm -s 4
    2007-09-22 11:26 PM
  4. zutte's Avatar
    many thanks, its all working
    2007-09-25 11:04 PM