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    I've recently jailbroken my ipod touch (1st Gen) to run OS 3.0, via Pwnage Tool. All goes pretty much to plan, it allows me to install apps, sync with iTunes, add music etc..., however, after the first few sessions of 'managing' my music via iTunes, it appears to now randomly decide when my drop down options in Itunes are available for my iPod, for example.. I can still add music, but because the options on the left sidebar in Itunes (after iPod is connected) do not appear, these include; Music, Movies, TV Shows (displayed directly underneath iPods name), this means I can no longer remove songs, albums etc.. that I want to get rid off.

    I hope this makes sense to people what I am talking about, hopefully some kind whizkid soul can help me fix this, so that I can constantly manage my iPods music, rather than whenever iTunes/iPod decides to feel like doing so! It can go days without showing up, then wham it appears, then not again for another while... very odd and un-computer-like behaviour!

    Many thanks.
    2009-07-08 12:33 PM