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    Hello all,

    I have a iPhone 3GS 3.1.2 5.11.07 and i used blackra1n on it and blacksn0w back in Nov. when it was released and everything has been fine. After awhile I have encountered a situation which I have not seen before at all (I had a iPod Touch 2G and had a similar problem)

    Yesterday my Phone icon on my home screen disappeared upon respringing while adding icons to my SBS settings dock and so I searched online on what to do. The first suggestion was to rest the home screen layout and it should reappear, well that didn't work.

    Then I reset all settings without erasing data and when it restarted it became stuck on the Apple logo screen. Having experienced this before with my iPod Touch 2G back in August I decided to do the same thing which was:

    1. Go into restore mode and shift+press restore in iTunes and restore with custom IPSW (from iClarified) it was iPhone 2,1 3.1.2 7D11 and when it was verifying with Apple, it could not restore since it said it was not a valid signed firmware. I guess this occurred since they are not signing 3.1.2 firmware anymore?

    I tried using iRecovery but when it identified the phone, it had a bunch of information listed then something like <Restore iPhone>$ or something... nothing happened after that.

    So what to do next? I am completely clueless. anything with QuickPwn?

    I would appreciate any help I could get as soon as possible.

    2010-04-23 04:21 PM