1. Stephent91's Avatar
    Hey, I've successfully installed ZiPhone two times now, and after it is installed, my music won't play.

    It will say that it's playing, but the status bar for the song won't move at all. Once I pause it, it will move to 1 second, then I can't get it to unpause (it stays with the triangle "play" button).

    I've had to restore my iPhone both times now, causing me to have to re-sync over 1000 songs.

    What should I do?

    I am using a 1.1.4 8GB iPhone with ZiTunes.
    2008-03-20 06:41 AM
  2. nickh's Avatar
    Happened to me as well, I restored and used iplus instead!! Now all works a treat
    2008-03-20 06:56 AM
  3. Stephent91's Avatar
    You still have the installed and all the resources and everything?

    I just re-installed it, and the music is working so far after the initial installation and the update. Now I'm downloading the BSD Subsystem, which might be what messes it up, but is kinda necessary I think. I think that I can get another thing, though, if the BSD is the problem.

    If all else fails, then I'll try iPlus.

    I also tried iNdependence, but it didn't download the installer for me, so there wasn't really much of a point.
    2008-03-20 07:22 AM
  4. nickh's Avatar
    Good luck, iplus does bsd and a few others for you already.
    2008-03-20 09:41 AM
  5. Stephent91's Avatar
    I used iplus, and it is working great! Thanks!
    2008-03-20 10:54 PM
  6. patters's Avatar
    I had the same problem on 1.1.4. I hadn't made many changes so I was reluctant to restore. It turned out to be that the AFP package from iClarified. I removed that and the problem was fixed. I guess it's not tested on 1.1.4. Hope this saves someone some grief...
    2008-03-23 05:50 PM
  7. cbetta's Avatar
    @stephent91 thanx a lot, that tip saved me from a reset
    2008-03-26 11:47 PM
  8. one1's Avatar
    Well you obviously have a conflict since millions of people, including myself are running a ziphone broken phone with zero issues. It's good that iplus is working for you, but you really should find the root of your problem rather than patch it.
    2008-03-27 03:35 AM