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    I didn't know which area to post this in so i'm sorry if this is the wrong area..

    My goal is to hack into my schools wifi network.. or just get the password for it.
    Recently my school gave everyone a windows tablet if they paid 150$.. and a lot of people got them.. i didn't because i already have a mac. So i didn't see the need in having a tablet until... they locked the public wifi and made another wifi only the tablets can reach. Now i'm unable to do certain things in class because i can't reach the internet. I've already tried to ask about getting the password but no teacher or the principle will give it to me. For a while i found a loop hole and used a jailbreak tweak to use my iphone data for internet.. but i quickly learned that eats my data plan up (i only have 500mb) hate verizon.

    So i come today asking if anyone can help me find the password or hack into my schools locked wifi network
    i have -iphone 6 plus on ios 8.1 (jailbroken)
    - Macbook Pro on 10.9.5 Mavericks
    I have access to one of the schools computers which is a dell running windows 7.
    This computer has internet access running through an Ethernet cable i can also sneak and plug that ethernet cable into my Mac but only for that one class. If there are any programs i will have to download i will have to do that at home and then use them when i come to the school. These are the tools i have. I don't think i will be able to download anything on the school computer so if this can be done through my mac that will be great. I would love to find the wifi password some how.

    If you can help me please do. Respond to this or email me at [email protected]

    Please don't try to guilt trip me with "this is bad" and all of that. I understand what i'm doing and the cost of it. Only reply if you have serious helpful tips.
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