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    Apple’s most recent data center project may supposedly be on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Local media claims that Apple may be taking over a facility where construction is almost complete. According to AmongTech, the Unique Infrastructure Group is building a new data center in Curacao for the Cupertino California company. The facility is said to almost be completed but the original company behind the project ended up going bankrupt. As a result, the facility was taken over by UIG who will be finishing the project for Apple.

    As of right now, we aren’t sure what Apple would be using the facility for but it will most likely be iCloud or iTunes operations. After building major data center operations in the US, it isn’t a surprise to see Apple expanding its operations internationally.

    Apple also recently confirmed that it has started to store iCloud user data in data centers that are owned and run by China Telecom. Since China Telecom is owned by the Chinese government, which tends to be quite invasive, Apple made sure to speak up about the partnership, ensuring that the data on these servers was safe and secure.

    Source: AmongTech

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    2014-08-18 04:31 PM